Willie Nelson’s log cabin found a new owner for a price of $2.14 million, but the real surprise lies hidden inside!


Willie Nelson built his own home in Tennessee, which sold for $2.14 million after four months on the market.

The house, with three bedrooms, is located in a picturesque neighborhood and was destroyed by a fire in 1970.

In a bold act, Willie Nelson ventured into the flames of his log cabin to save his guitar „Trigger” and a pound of marijuana.

Willie Nelson celebrates his 90th birthday in April, just three months after the sale.

The country musician, who was recently seen in Dolly Parton’s Christmas special, found inspiration for his famous song „Shotgun Willie” through the fire that destroyed his home.

Willie Nelson, the famous singer, built his own three-bedroom country house in Tennessee, surrounded by natural beauty.

Located about 30 minutes from Nashville, this property, which changed hands for $2.14 million, is no longer for sale. In September 2022, Willie Nelson was spotted in North Carolina.

The cozy home was listed for sale in October 2022 for $2.5 million and eventually sold for around $2.14 million.

Willie Nelson has completely designed this magnificent retreat on his own.

The country legend and the current residents are the only ones who have ever lived in this house.

Previously, Willie Nelson inhabited a 150-acre property, which included trees, a barn, and several ponds.