This is definitely something to see. A compact caravan that offers a living room, a bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom.


The English Barefoot caravan does not require an additional driver’s license.

This elegant caravan effortlessly captivates retro and travel enthusiasts alike.

Let’s take a look at what hides inside the caravan.

The Barefoot Caravan:

The body is made of fiberglass.


Exterior dimensions – Length/Width/Height: 5.08 / 1.92 / 2.36 m

Interior dimensions – Length/Width/Height: 3.56 / 1.83 / 1.83 m

Bathroom – 1040 x 760 cm

Unladen weight – 960 kg

Payload – 240 kg


Although the caravan is small, it is spacious thanks to the clever interior layout.

Four large windows, a skylight, and a window in the bathroom create a visually larger space and ensure good ventilation.

All windows except the front window can be opened and are protected by mosquito nets.

The table in the living area can be converted into a bed measuring 175 x 183 cm.

The bed accommodates three people.

The compact kitchen has everything necessary: gas stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, and dish shelves.

The cabinets are lockable.

To the left of the entrance is a wardrobe, to the right is a coat closet.

There is a hook for jackets on the entrance door.

The bathroom is located in the rear part of the caravan and shares the space with the wardrobe.

Here, there is a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

The bathroom is separated by a fixed curtain.

The combined kitchen block is easy to clean.

The Wabesto compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 65 liters operates on 12/230 V.

The Truma Combi 4E heater, powered by gas or electricity, is mounted under the sofa.

The shower head replaces the faucet at the sink, and unlike German models, the hose is not hidden under the sink.

There are two 230-volt sockets, a USB port, and a 12-volt socket.

The light in the shelves can be switched to red, blue, or yellow.

The caravan is equipped with 13-inch steel wheels with retro hubcaps and a spare tire.

The body color can be chosen in cream, pink, blue, salad green, or orange.

Likewise, the choice of upholstery pattern and fabric for the curtains is free.

The total weight of the Barefoot trailer together with the towing vehicle must not exceed 3500 kg, so a class B driver’s license is sufficient.

Thanks to the large bed in the trailer, three people can live in it.

With an awning or tent, the living space can be expanded.

Gas heating and hot water enable comfortable travels in summer, spring, and autumn in temperatures above freezing.