The parents decided to give their two daughters container homes so that they could have their own space and privacy.


In the early years, it may seem like parents can use any available space, whether it’s a one-room apartment or a larger home.

However, over time, as the children grow up, space becomes tight.

This dilemma also hit Matt and Linda from Henderson, Nevada, when they realized that their teenage daughters Ashley and Maddie needed their own space and independence.

The couple once lived in two separate houses side by side, and neither of the houses was large enough for them and their three children.

So Matt and Linda decided to buy a fixer-upper house with a large backyard to make room for two container homes.

They designed plans and looked for a contractor who helped them build two functional, sustainable, and reusable container homes right in their backyard.

Their vision became a reality with the help of the Las Vegas design firm “Alternative Living Spaces,” specializing in container homes.

The container homes were supplied with electricity, water, and sewage from the main building and could be installed within a few hours.

These container homes proved to be the perfect solution for their large family.

In addition to extra living space, they could also become a source of income once the children grow older and move out.

When Ashley moved out to start her studies, Maddie’s friend Braedon moved in and temporarily rented the other container home.

Maddie, a freshman at UNLV, decided to stay to be close to her father Matt, as she prefers to be closer to him.

As daddy’s girl, she wants to spend as much time as possible with her father.

Matt loves the idea of multi-generational living in the container homes.

Currently, their children live in them, but once they become independent, Matt and Linda’s elderly parents could move in to be supported by the family.

While container homes are not a cheap solution, they are much more affordable than traditional houses and offer an efficient and sustainable living option.

Each container measures 40 x 8 feet, and they spent about $70,000 for each fully furnished unit.

The container homes are beautifully designed and offer all the amenities of a traditional house.

Matt, Linda, and their children are happy with how this project has turned out, and the container homes prove to be beautiful, functional, and efficient.

They even have the potential to generate income!

Here is the video about parents who gave their daughters container homes.