The elderly woman decided to move into a tiny home to ease her golden years financially.


Building a tiny home positively changed Luanne’s life. The interior of the house is aesthetically pleasing.

After retiring, Luanne made the decision to move into a tiny home to better utilize her retirement savings.

She was fascinated by the idea of a tiny home and realized it would be a cost-effective option for her lifestyle.

A tiny home would allow her to spend her golden years financially unburdened, without worrying about high mortgages or maintenance costs.

Luanne purchased her tiny home from the Incredible Tiny Homes Community in Newport, Tennessee, for $79,000.

The house, named „The Nest,” is 10 feet wide and 28 feet long.

The retiree explained to Tiny House Giant Journey:

„People living in this community pay $200 a month for their (lot) rent.

Currently, we pay an additional $25 a month for water, and then we pay for our own electricity, which is an amazing deal.”

Luanne was enthusiastic about Christmas and decorated her house accordingly festive.

Fortunately, living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to forgo Christmas decorations.

After the holidays, she can easily store the decorations in the shed assigned to each house on the property.

The exterior of her house already exudes a festive atmosphere.

Now let’s take a look inside…

The color scheme perfectly suits the season!

On the side of her house, she has set up a small tree and placed a beautiful red wooden chair.

A homemade wreath hangs on the door.

As soon as you enter the house, you immediately feel the cozy atmosphere.

A large window opposite the door provides a sense of spaciousness and openness.

You can see her tree next to the fireplace with stockings at both ends.

A sofa comfortably seats four to five people and can be expanded with additional chairs if needed.

The kitchen is well-equipped and provides ample storage space for pots and pans.

Luanne prefers open shelving for her collection of dishes and glasses.

She has also added festive accents to emphasize the joyful season in her home.

A cozy workspace also serves as a dining table and provides plenty of space for crafting and other activities.

Luanne has even placed a bird feeder next to the window to watch the birds.

Storage space is not a problem in this house. An Ikea wardrobe provides plenty of space for clothes, linens, and crafting materials.

The bathroom feels spacious and functional, despite the limited space.

The upstairs bedroom provides plenty of space for a queen-size mattress and offers privacy thanks to a clever bookshelf.

Moving into „The Nest” has profoundly changed Luanne’s life.

She enjoys the simplicity and financial freedom her tiny home provides.