If you notice a coin in your car door handle, it has a specific meaning:


Have you ever noticed a coin in your car door handle? It’s a peculiar and confusing discovery.

The question of whether this is just a random occurrence or if it has a deeper meaning occupies many people’s minds.

It turns out that this is a trick used by thieves to break into cars.

But don’t worry, because we’ll show you how to spot and combat these clever tricks by thieves.

Smart car thieves often place small coins in the door handles, usually on the passenger side.

But why is the door handle on the passenger side even relevant?

Here’s the reason: Your key won’t work properly when you try to use the central locking system.

Why is that?

This inconspicuous coin can get stuck in the passenger door and prevent you from properly securing your vehicle.

But that’s not all. People who steal cars often have a sinister plan in mind.

A thief might be lurking nearby, hidden in the shadows, waiting for you to give up or get distracted while you struggle with your key to get into your car.

If you suspect that someone has tampered with your car door, what should a savvy car owner do?

Don’t worry, we have some useful DIY tips to outsmart car thieves:

Check the handle on the passenger door: If your key isn’t working, take the time to inspect the handle on the passenger side more closely.

Check if there are any external objects, like this clever coin, in the mechanism.

Stay vigilant: Keep your senses sharp and pay attention to everything happening around you.

Trust your gut if something feels off.

Talk to someone or ask for help if you feel that something isn’t right.

Avoid quick returns: Resist the urge to immediately return to your car if the door won’t open. Instead, look for a well-lit area with lots of people and ask for help.

Thieves often take advantage of opportunities when you’re not paying attention or are alone.

Contact the police: If you notice signs of tampering or suspect that someone is messing with your car, call the police immediately.

They know how to handle such situations and can assist you.

Secure your vehicle: Adding some anti-theft features to your car can deter thieves from stealing it altogether.

Theft protection systems or a reliable steering wheel lock can make your car safer and much less attractive to thieves.