High rental costs convinced this couple to build their own tiny home, and the end result is aesthetically pleasing.


A couple from New Zealand named Lloyd and Kylee found themselves facing continuously rising rental prices.

So, they decided to take the plunge and build their own tiny home in Auckland.

And the result? A home that’s perfect for their happy family of four!

Lloyd and Kylee had watched numerous videos about tiny houses and visited some exhibitions before deciding to build their own tiny home.

This process was anything but simple. It took five long years for them to rethink the plans for their tiny home and design a family-friendly house that provided enough space for each family member.

The exterior walls of the 260-square-foot house were painted blue and adorned with white accents for the roof, doors, and windows.

The couple installed triple-folding windows and doors that beautifully connect the house with the stunning views of the farmland.

The lounge area features a blue sofa that converts into a bed.

There’s also plenty of storage space underneath the ottoman and under the stairs, where the family’s books and children’s toys are kept.

The lounge seamlessly connects with the L-shaped kitchen, which is fully equipped, including an oven and dishwasher.

A notable feature in the kitchen is the unique blue quartz sink that Lloyd found at an online auction.

The area also offers ample storage in the form of cabinets with soft-closing drawers and a small shelf above the sink where they store their baked goods.

Having two children, Lloyd and Kylee sacrificed a bit of the lounge area to create a large bathroom with a regular-sized bathtub, a floating vanity, a washer, a dryer, and plenty of storage space.

The bathroom has a door leading outside, and Lloyd and Kylee hope that it will later serve as a back door when they build a wrap-around deck.

Upstairs is the sleeping loft, which comprises a total of three rooms.

„We knew we needed privacy for our almost nine-year-old daughter and, of course, the baby,” said Kylee.

„She was quite young just a few months ago when we moved in, so we needed a space where we could close the door if she cried at night.”

They also planned to make the house as child-friendly and future-proof as possible by making the partition wall between the girls’ bedrooms removable.

The upstairs also features a screened hallway for the safety of their youngest child, who will soon become a toddler.

The ceiling in Lloyd and Kylee’s bedroom is high enough for both to stand upright and move freely. From there, a large window offers picturesque views outside.

The house itself cost NZ$152,000 (approximately US$105,000), but when factoring in the water tank, pump, and filtration system, they likely spent around NZ$160,000 (approximately US$111,000) – less than the down payment for a conventional house in their area.

This beautiful tiny home is truly well thought out! Take a tour in the video