A teenager builds his dream tiny house from the ground up using recycled materials and now lives rent-free.


Most people would probably only build their dream home by at least the age of 30.

The feeling of constructing the house of your dreams with your own hands is indescribable.

Tom did just that. With skill, ingenuity, and perseverance, he made his dream come true.

And you know what? He was only 17 years old when he started!

It was the high house prices and Tom’s desire for independence that led him to build his modest home from recycled materials.

He realized that he could build everything himself – with recycled materials and within budget.

“My idea was to keep everything simple and live a stress-free life,” says Tom.

“Well, I own everything I have, and I’ve paid for everything – it’s all mine.”

Tom is now 20 years old and glad that he doesn’t have to spend his hard-earned money on rent.

“It’s just a simple life, and everything you have, when you’ve built it, just belongs to you,” says Tom.

His home is located on his grandfather’s sprawling property.

He has retained the traditional English and rustic feel.

He bought the trailer at 17 and immediately started construction while working and completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter.

Tom used larch wood for the front and fence panels for the side cladding.

All windows are recycled and sourced from a second-hand dealer.

He recently added a porch after receiving decking from his job.

Upon entering Tom’s house, one immediately notices the beautiful reclaimed wood and a poster of a picturesque landscape.

“My goal was to only use reclaimed wood because it’s cheap,” says Tom.

Most of the wood was salvaged from demolished houses.

The living room has a tiny workspace that Tom uses for work and meals.

There’s a standard sofa and a wall-mounted TV.

The kitchen has a fully functional countertop made from recycled materials and essential appliances like a fridge, stove, and toaster.

The bathroom features a tiny chemical toilet with electric flush and corrugated metal walls.

In the living room, a ladder leads to the loft with a cozy bedroom featuring a double mattress.

Tom started building his dream home at the age of 17 with a total of $8,200. He earned $5.50 per hour.

Despite his low income, he was able to save most of his earnings and use them to build his house from recycled materials.

Imagine how his house will look once he has completed all the planned upgrades!

Watch the video for a full tour of Tom’s house.