This original Airbnb accommodation, inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh, gives the impression of being straight out of a fairy tale book.


If you’re looking for a unique Airbnb experience, you can live like Winnie the Pooh for a day by visiting this Airbnb in the United Kingdom.

The host and curator of this accommodation, Kim Raymond, is a Disney-appointed illustrator for Winnie the Pooh, who has been sketching the iconic bear for over three decades.

The Winnie the Pooh-inspired house was made available for stays on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Disney’s beloved children’s character.

The treehouse accommodation can accommodate up to four people and is located in Ashdown Forest, the area that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood where Winnie the Pooh and his friends lived.

The cottage is lovingly designed and has an authentic cottagecore atmosphere inspired by the stories of A.A. Milne.

There is no bathroom in the treehouse itself, but nearby, there is a temporary facility with a toilet, shower, and sink.

During the stay, guests can try local meals, take a guided tour of the original Hundred Acre Wood, and play the Poohsticks game on the Poohsticks Bridge.

The Airbnb is equipped with a variety of wellness products to encourage guests to live more like Pooh and appreciate their natural surroundings.

The house rules are also quirky: „Absolutely no Heffalumps in the house” and „A snack of 'something small’ is recommended at 11 am”.

And of course, „Hands are to be kept out of the honey pots.”

The booking fee is donated to Together for Short Lives, a British charity organization that supports families with seriously ill children.