This man found a secret door in his new apartment. What he found is incredibly cool.


When I bought my apartment, I didn’t expect to knock on the wall and open a secret passage to a brand new apartment and a brand new man cave!

Well, that’s not really what happened to this guy, but what he found is really spooky…

Although it’s an old English monastery from the 19th century, there are about 30 apartments inside, and this little studio was really cheap for the price.

The kitchen/living room has high ceilings, as was common decades ago in buildings. It’s a very old building.

He set up the essentials for men, ready to go.

Due to the high ceilings, the bed was in a completely unique location.

A loft extends over the kitchen.

There’s a small bathroom on the first floor.

But here’s something strange…

A handle that looks like a door. What’s new?! Hello? Anyone? Someone?! Oh, just extra storage space there. Damn it… wait!

A staircase to hell?

At first glance, it seemed like it would pass under the entire building.

Finally, a brave companion was found to explore this horror. It’s time to move on. The hatch led to an array of hatches and corridors from the 19th century.

The rooms were under different tenants.

At the end of the corridor, there was still…

A possible secret room, in a secret passage, between the apartments. Isn’t it cool, or is it CREEPY?!

Room with a vaulted ceiling, which adds to the goosebumps.

A modern graffiti? Wait, someone has visited this place in the last ten years. The last room was large with high ceilings.

Perhaps a great place for an entertainment center… or a crypt?!

God knows what happened here, but I don’t like it.

In the middle of the floor was a hole with earth. It looked like someone had recently dug something up… yes, that!

Terrifying staircase to the apartment.

God knows what really happened there over the years, but hopefully, this guy gets the space for free!

It could have two apartments for the price of one. Renovating these horrors, and off we go!

I’m a bit jealous that there’s NO hatch or secret dungeon in my house. But thinking about it, no thanks!

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