The woman decided against buying an apartment on credit in an expensive city. Instead, she chose to build her own house outside the city, which covers an area of 13 square meters.


Lee Perra from Washington dreamed of owning her own home, but real estate prices in the city were too high for her.

Despite her years of experience in construction, her income was not enough to afford buying property.

Determined to change her life, Lee quit her job and opted to build her own small country house instead of taking out loans.

By choosing a location outside the city, she managed to reduce costs.

Lee, without formal construction training, acquired basic skills and performed all the work herself.

Her 13.5-square-meter house is made of natural materials such as wood and stone and is designed in Scandinavian style with vibrant accents.

It provides everything she needs for a comfortable lifestyle, including a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and workspace.

Lee is thrilled with her home and finds it perfect for her, as it allows her to live in nature away from city life.

Mini-homes like Lee’s offer benefits such as affordability, environmental friendliness, and economical operation.

They are a great option for those seeking a quieter lifestyle, cost savings, or a new experience.

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