The son-in-law decided to convert the unused garage into a fully functional house so that the mother-in-law could live nearby but still have separate accommodations.


If you have an unused garage, why not turn it into an ADU?

ADU stands for „Accessory Dwelling Unit” and refers to a separate living unit on a family residential property.

It’s essentially like an additional house, somewhat smaller than the main dwelling, either adjacent or attached.

Martin Brown moved to Portland, Oregon, and started a family there.

However, when his son Sebastian was born, his mother-in-law wished to live nearby to be there for her grandchild.

Instead of buying a new house, Martin decided to convert the garage into a granny flat.

The converted house offers all necessary amenities and exudes a warm and cozy atmosphere.

There’s a comfortable sleeper sofa, a fireplace, and a well-equipped kitchenette.

The loft bedroom is furnished with a queen-size bed and features a cozy reading nook.

The ADU was designed to feel spacious by letting in plenty of light while still ensuring privacy.

The exterior design of the house was retained and simply updated with a fresh coat of paint.

Old fixtures and locks from the original garage were incorporated along the kitchenette, giving the house a rustic-industrial look.

All in all, it’s an amazing little home that can be considered as an option for parents, in-laws, or even for oneself.

Watch the video for a tour of the entire house!