Recently divorced woman moves into a 3×3 meter shed and transforms it into a beautiful tiny home.


Many people are trying out the lifestyle of tiny houses.

They have various reasons for transitioning to small homes.

Many opt for tiny house living for environmental reasons.

They want to be more conscious in their daily lives and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Some want to switch to a simple, minimalist lifestyle.

Living in a tiny house forces residents to downsize their possessions, live more simply, and be more mindful.

Tiny houses are also easier to clean and maintain!

They are cost-effective and easier to move.

Heather is a globetrotter and lived in a van.

Due to the pandemic and to get back on her feet after her divorce, she decided to move from van life to a house.

And of course, after living in a van, it’s only natural that she moves into a tiny house.

But turning a 10×11-foot (about 3×3 meters) shed into a tiny house? Is that possible?

For Heather, it is! And it will also be the first house she owns.

From the outside, it looks quite simple.

She didn’t do much work, just what she needs right now, because who knows what she’ll be doing in a year or if she’ll still be living there.

It may be simple, but it has everything she needs.

Upon entering the shed, she has a workspace to the right, leading out to the window.

Such magnificent views to be inspired (or distracted) by for work every day.

On the left side, she has a small cozy living room, where she also installed a swinging desk to place her laptop for movie nights.

And she has cushions, lots of cushions on her sofa.

Directly across from the entrance, Heather has her fireplace/kitchen/toilet.

On the left side, she has a wood stove, which, although more expensive than expected, provided the warm comfort she needed in damp and rainy weather.

And it’s the perfect antidote for winter weather.

From the center to the right side, you’ll find the kitchen. It’s not a big kitchen.

While it has a sink, Heather hasn’t installed a proper drainage system yet, so she only uses it for storing dirty dishes.

She uses a camping stove, which is perfect because she only cooks for herself.

Above the kitchen, her open shelves proudly display her glassware and plates. And this is also where she stores her supplies.

Her small refrigerator comes from her mother, and here she has placed all the fridge magnets she collected on her travels.

Believe it or not, she has plenty of drawers and storage space in the shed for her food, shoes, clothes, and even her books, including her compost toilet under the sink.

And up top in her tiny home, near the roof and above the living room, she has her bedroom in the loft.

It’s not the perfect design, but it’s the right solution for the space she has.

Plus, she only uses it for sleeping anyway.

„What I love about the whole space is just the atmosphere,” Heather shared.

„For the first time in my life, I had control over what I wanted, and I really like that it’s open and airy.

It feels like indoor/outdoor living. It’s just nice to have a safe space that’s mine and that inspires me to create something.”

Heather has done a great job turning this tiny house into a beautiful home.

Check out the video tour of her house below!

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