Nobody had touched Grandpa’s 200-year-old cottage for a decade until Jack decided to turn it into a new home. The family was amazed by the result of his work.


Have you ever imagined staying in a traditional Irish cottage? It exudes a distinct charm and coziness.

In Mullinahone, Ireland, visitors can now have this unique experience as Jack Shelly has completed the renovation of his grandfather’s 200-year-old cottage.

The cottage was acquired by Jack’s grandfather in 1959 when he was 29 years old.

„My father, his parents, and his five siblings grew up in this two-room house,” Jack explained.

„Without insulation and simple glazing.”

After his grandfather’s death in 2010, the house remained empty and gradually deteriorated. Only this year did Jack decide to revive it.

But Jack had more in mind than just renovation. He planned to convert the cottage into a business to be used as an Airbnb accommodation.

With a budget of just under $30,000, Jack began the renovation after clearing the cottage of debris.

„My father and I started cleaning it up and removing anything that wasn’t needed,” Jack said.

He documented the entire process on social media, which gained him a large online following.

„It was at that time when I documented the journey on TikTok and Instagram.

This video went viral, and I gained 45,000 followers in 24 hours,” Jack explained.

The renovation was mainly a one-man task. Jack performed all the work himself, from clearing the property to electrical and plumbing installations.

Although he’s not quite finished yet, the results so far are impressive.

The exterior of the house has transformed from a dilapidated white to a clean gray with a striking pink-red door.

Jack hopes to complete the cottage by the end of October and then offer it on Airbnb.

The transformation of this cottage is an inspiring story that demonstrates how dedication and hard work can turn a derelict building into a beautiful home.