In France, underground cars from the 1930s were discovered, as reported by The Telegraph.


Belgian researcher and 56-year-old sports teacher Vincent Michel stumbled upon dozens of cars from the 1930s in a quarry in the central region of France while pursuing his hobby of exploring cities.

Michel expressed shock at the discovery, commenting that it seemed as if time had been turned back by 70 years, and he wondered how such a thing could even be possible.

It is believed that local residents hid the cars at the beginning of World War II to prevent them from being seized by German troops.

Over the years, the “garage” was expanded several times with additional vehicles, but then they were forgotten, and dozens of vintage cars remain buried underground to this day.

Since the discovery of the hiding place, the quarry owner has extracted some specimens and sold them at auctions, but most cars are now in too fragile a condition for transportation.

The future of these rare cars remains uncertain.