He restored a 120-year-old tower and now lives in it! See how he transformed It.


In many rural areas worldwide, old water pump stations are found that are no longer needed due to modern technologies.

This also applies to our country, where the demand for such facilities has greatly diminished.

A remarkable example of repurposing such a tower into a residential building can be found in the city of Tomsk: the Lunev Tower.

A local radio host named Alexander Lunev purchased the abandoned building from the city administration for 1.5 million rubles.

The tower, which was previously rented out, was already over 120 years old.

Apart from Alexander, who was passionately committed to restoring the monument, no one cared about the old structure.

The 25-meter-high tower spans six floors and offers views over the Siberian city from its observation platform.

The brick walls are one meter thick in the first four floors.

After that, the tower widens.

For the renovation, Alexander had to take out a loan and make serious investments, including pulling walls and repairing the roof. However, his financial resources were not enough.

To put the tower in better condition, the radio host believed it was important to attract investors.

Information about his renovation work is available online, including in Lunev’s personal diary, which he has been keeping since 2012.

Unfortunately, Alexander is now bankrupt, but he hasn’t given up hope of attracting investment from sponsors.

There is progress in the matter, and it is hoped that it will succeed.