A woman lives in a tiny teardrop trailer after her retirement, which provides everything she needs.


After retiring as a pharmacist in May 2014, Sharon, a “world traveler at heart,” decided to embark on a completely new direction in life.

She bought a 2015 Teardrop trailer model T@B M@x S and began a nomadic lifestyle!

She tows the trailer with her 4-door Jeep Wrangler and now lives in it permanently.

Sharon affectionately calls it her “tall teardrop trailer” because it differs from the classic models; it offers standing height and an interior height of 5’9″ at the highest point, perfect for her 5’4″ stature.

The total weight is 1,670 pounds.

Sharon had contemplated this purchase for a long time.

She attended the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) in January 2012 and considered which vehicle would be best for her adventures.

Previously, the retiree had owned four larger trailers but was unsure whether to return to a smaller RV or a van.

Sharon wanted to keep her Jeep because she enjoys driving it.

However, Jeeps have limited towing capacity and are not known for their excellent towing abilities.

Nevertheless, Sharon was pleasantly surprised by how well the Jeep pulled the teardrop trailer!

The teardrop trailer is a great choice for those wanting to try out the nomadic lifestyle.

It features a toilet and wet bath that Sharon can use standing up.

Regarding power supply, Sharon sources it in two ways: she plugs the trailer into electricity and utilizes 135-watt solar panels.

Although the kitchen has a two-burner stove, Sharon prefers cooking outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and keep odors at bay.

Her trailer has a large awning and many windows, providing sunlight and airflow.

For colder nights, Sharon uses a heater and a propane heater that heats the trailer in 2 to 3 minutes.

On warm days, she uses the trailer’s air conditioning. Both windows and doors have screens to keep insects out.

It may be surprising, but Sharon’s trailer has a small but fully equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator!

Sharon never gets bored in her tiny teardrop trailer, even when she’s just indoors.

She has an entertainment system that can play CDs and DVDs, and a flat-screen TV for her favorite shows.

As for sleeping arrangements, Sharon has a fold-out couch that she leaves unfolded to avoid constant tidying up.

One of the best things for this retiree is that she can meet many different people during her travels.

Sharon has lived in many places, but often didn’t know her neighbors.

Now, she has friends all over the country!

Although she envies those who own larger vans, Sharon knows that the tiny teardrop trailer is perfect for her and her two Chihuahuas, as they love camping.