A woman is living her retirement dream in a tiny house community – A peek inside


When retirement comes up, most people usually think of big vacations, taking up a hobby, or having time to learn a new sport or skill.

But for some, retirement is an opportunity to live smaller and simpler.

With grown children out of the house and perhaps no need to stay close to work or family, retirees often have more leisure time.

Instead of spending their days cleaning a large house, they can now do the things they love.

Sandy Brooks, 77 years old, moved into a tiny house in Escalante Village, a tiny house community in Durango, Colorado, on her 75th birthday.

The community consists of 24 tiny houses, including seven rental properties, and was founded by a resident of Durango.

Residents brought their homes in, some had them manufactured, while others built them themselves.

The houses are built close together, unlike traditional tiny houses, which are often on large plots far apart from each other.

Sandy has heard many people speak negatively about the proximity of the houses, but for her, it’s not an issue.

She values the community and the interaction with her neighbors.

Before moving into the tiny house, Sandy lived in a larger house, but she wanted to let go of many of her possessions.

The tiny house movement fascinated her, and after seeing a model home from Simblissity Tiny Homes, she was convinced.

Now, she enjoys her outdoor leisure time and the company of her neighbors without worrying about maintaining a large house.

Her decision to move into a tiny house was initially criticized by her brothers, but they changed their minds when they saw how happy Sandy is in her new home.

The tour of the tiny village and Sandy’s home shows what a simple retirement life can look like.