A woman has designed an impressive tiny house nestled amidst the stunning forest of Queensland, combining simplicity and luxury.


Jess has designed this delightful home and filled it with unique ideas, starting with an exterior design that seamlessly integrates with nature, to a clever interior layout and windows that offer luxurious panoramic views outside as well as ample daylight.

Jess’s charming home is hidden in the forest, off the main road, and most people can’t even find the driveway to her property.

She moved from Victoria to Queensland without knowing anyone in the area.

However, through a Facebook advertisement, she received an offer from a family willing to provide her land, and immediately fell in love with the area as she drove through the forest.

As per the agreement, Jess must maintain the land and has been cutting down some trees over the past few months to get more sunlight for her solar panels.

Nevertheless, due to shadows on some days, she doesn’t get enough sunlight for the solar panels.

Apart from solar panels, she has a generator for power needs and a large 5,000-liter tank to collect rainwater.

Jess has been living in her tiny house for about a year now and has no intention of going anywhere else.

She loves her life in the tiny house and compares it to glamorous camping, something she wouldn’t change for the world.

She takes pride in what she has achieved and emphasizes that words are not enough to describe what her tiny house means to her.

Jess has created a charming home in the middle of the forest that is beautiful and comfortable, representing a great combination of simplicity and luxury.