A woman has decided to build a tiny caravan alone to enjoy her life and travel. She gives a tour of this unique wagon in a video.


During the pandemic, when many people were out of work, Stefanie felt inspired to do something productive.

She used the free time to learn a new skill: building a custom Vardo, also known as a caravan.

After months of hard work, Stefanie was finally able to complete her project and named it „Misty.”

Although the mobile home is small, the wagon has a lot of character and surprising luxury in a small space.

Stefanie wanted to travel again in addition to her work.

Previously, she used a van, but now that she is older, she wanted more comfort.

Although her business closed due to the pandemic, she did not stop working.

Instead, she used the time to build her own wagon, which is easy to tow and allows for comfortable travel.

Although Stefanie did not have much experience in construction, she learned to build the Vardo with the help of the internet and her innate skill.

The total cost of the project was about $15,000.

Stefanie is excited about the attention her self-built wagon „Misty” is receiving.

Many people knock on her door to see the wagon and ask how she built it alone.

The tiny caravan measures only 84 square feet, but due to its sloping shape and rounded roof, it appears more spacious.

Stefanie, who is only about 4’11” tall, already finds the small space generous.

She uses birch plywood for the walls and ceilings and added aromatic cedar wood.

Four windows on each side provide adequate ventilation, especially during cooking.

In the kitchen, there is a three-way refrigerator and a handmade copper sink.

Under the sink are containers for fresh water and wastewater, operated by a foot pump.

The bed has a full-size memory foam mattress, and underneath are cabinets, a composting toilet, and a trash bin.

Stefanie separated the sleeping area from the rest of the wagon with an arch.

She decorated the wagon with luxurious items from Morocco and India and has already traveled to 28 countries.

An extendable terrace provides additional living space and allows Stefanie to enjoy nature.