A talented architect has transformed a peculiar, old, and abandoned building into a charming two-bedroom house.


In house renovations, a concrete plan is essential, and here, the expertise of an architect can be of great benefit.

To appreciate the true achievements of an architect in house renovations, it might be helpful to take a closer look at this talented architect.

According to her website, Gemma Wheeler is an architect who particularly focuses on design and has already received awards for her work.

She concentrates on designing buildings that perfectly fit into their surroundings, taking into account local materials and architectural styles, as well as the future needs of the residents.

Wheeler lives in Edinburgh and has worked on various projects throughout the United Kingdom, also running her own YouTube channel called „Gemma Wheeler Architecture.”

In her videos, she discusses building new houses on small plots and renovating old, small buildings with history.

Her goal is to provide inspiration and exchange thoughts that would otherwise remain hidden in her sketchbook.

However, it’s important to note that her channel does not contain technical or legal advice, cost estimates, or specific building plans.

Wheeler loves challenges and has once again set out to transform an old, unused building into a contemporary living space.

This time, it’s a traditional Hungarian grape press, which she describes as having a narrow layout with impractical traditional features that need to be integrated into the design to make the building habitable.

The building spans three floors, and Wheeler aims to retain the original style as much as possible while converting all floors into living spaces.

Her plan includes constructing a staircase to provide access to all floors, opting for placement at the northern end to allow more natural light into the building and save space.

The staircase is designed to be a central element of the house and will have a contemporary look to contrast with the building’s traditional style.

On the ground floor, she plans a kitchen as well as partition walls with integrated storage and sliding doors to make the spaces flexible.

A shower room and a toilet are also planned to be accommodated there.

However, it’s important to emphasize that Wheeler’s plan is merely a proposal and has not been implemented yet.

All presented designs are based on a hypothetical desktop study and should not be considered as binding advice or approval.

Nevertheless, comments show that her proposed design is highly appreciated and excites viewers.

One commentator praised her impressive design and expressed hope that the renovation will be completed and the results showcased.

If you want to learn more about her plans for the ground floor and the upper floor, you should visit her channel and watch the videos.