A single mother moves with her daughter to a village of tiny houses to lead a simple life.


Unlike #VanLife, the tiny house movement is predominantly dominated by women. Why does this idea attract women?

This is probably because tiny houses, unlike most affordable housing options, are extremely adaptable and cute – two aspects that women appreciate.

Affordable housing is particularly important for single mothers who not only have to support themselves but also their children.

Single mother Erin was tired of paying high rent for a large apartment in San Diego.

She dreamed of a simpler, more affordable country life for herself and her ten-year-old daughter, Paulina.

One day, she came across an advertisement for a new tiny house village in the mountains outside the city.

She seized the opportunity and signed a lease for one of the long-term tiny house rental properties in the village.

By moving from her spacious apartment into a tiny house, Erin gave up some amenities.

She gave Paulina the main bedroom so she would have enough space for her stuffed animals and her pet snake’s terrarium.

Erin slept in the smaller sleeping loft, accessible only by ladder.

For sleeping, she used a comfortable chair that could unfold into a mattress the size of a bed, keeping some of her personal belongings next to her bed.

The sleeping loft also provided access to the balcony, Erin’s favorite part of the house.

Erin found a practical, affordable dining table and chair set on Amazon.

It was on wheels and easily foldable, providing space for family meals.

They also used the versatile table as a desk and TV stand.

They placed their laptop on it and streamed Netflix for movie nights.

Without a television, dishwasher, or oven, Erin adjusted her daily routine.

She usually cooked every meal in an air fryer, made coffee with a easily stowable pour-over, and the girls got used to sharing a small closet.

“You quickly realize you don’t need much more than each other.” – Erin

The mother-daughter duo now commuted 45 minutes to Erin’s work and Paulina’s school, but they believed all these sacrifices were worth it to live in a place full of community and nature.

“It’s like giving every other little girl a Disney princess castle to live in,” Erin said.

Paulina said her school friends were really jealous and they planned to visit soon.

Since moving out of the city, she had taken up hiking, snowshoeing, and birdwatching.

She loved nature, and the famous Pacific Crest Trail was just around the corner.

Paulina now believed that when she grew up, she just wanted to live in the forest!