A retiree with modest savings has built an innovative tiny home that is absolutely impressive on the inside.


She could hardly believe that she had built this tiny cottage herself, but she was pleased with the result.

A truly ideal retirement home!

Allyson’s tiny cottage named Daisy was designed as an alternative for retirement.

Seven years ago, she realized that she wouldn’t be able to afford her rent once she retired.

Having minimal savings and no retirement plan from her employer, she gathered the courage (and knowledge) to build her tiny house.

Allyson’s hard work has paid off; now she has a wonderful home.

She only wished for a larger living room since she wants to spend most of her time indoors there.

The sofa consists of two Ikea shelving units laid on their sides and covered with a mattress that serves as both a sofa and a sleeping area.

Below, she has placed removable shelves to store her dog Tucker’s toys, hobby supplies, and shoes.

Her red leather armchair, one of her favorite pieces in her home, features an adjustable headrest and a foldable footstool, making it ideal for reading and relaxing.

It sits next to an oil-filled radiator and has a polished wood block on top, serving as a modest coffee table.

Next to the sofa is a counter at sufficient height for working and dining.

When not eating, she dedicates herself to her hobbies and other paperwork.

Allyson has a few shelves that she built in a women’s woodworking workshop.

She has a small cupboard that she refers to as her „office” as it houses most of her office supplies.

Her kitchen is spacious enough for cooking and even bathing Tucker!

She has a stove and oven for cooking as well as a beautiful countertop made of shattered glass and resin.

Her sink is large and deep enough to accommodate pots, pans, and Tucker.

Above the sink is a clean white wall that provides additional storage space where Allyson keeps her washer, dryer, and household appliances.

Her refrigerator blends well with the white background.

She has also placed shelves and other pull-out containers under the stairs to create additional storage space.

Allyson managed with the smallest space in her house, the bathroom.

It is ingeniously designed, including the hula hoop hoop that holds the shower curtain!

Her bedroom in the loft receives plenty of daylight and has a nice view outside.

Since space is limited, Allyson utilized every square inch to store her clothes in the corner under the ceiling. But her favorite activity is being outside.

She has created this place so she can enjoy coffee or tea with relatives or friends who come to visit her.

This place completes her own little sanctuary in this neighborhood.

In the video, you can get a complete tour of Allyson’s Daisy.