A retiree downsized and moved into her daughter’s garden in a beautiful “Granny-Pod.”


Meredith Stannard, then 66 years old, was nearing retirement in 2017.

Many people her age would sell their homes and move into a retirement community.

But she and her partner had different plans.

They chose to downsize, and did so in the best way – by living in a “Granny-Pod” in their daughter’s garden.

Their daughter Drew lived with her husband in Seattle and had a garden large enough for a small house.

The family first had the idea to build a Granny-Pod around 2014, when Drew and her husband bought a house.

The couple eventually found a plot of land with a sufficiently large garden to build a small cottage on it.

Meredith’s downsizing was a decision that intrigued some of her former colleagues.

She organized meetings to invite her friends and talk about her decision.

Some were excited about the idea, while others couldn’t imagine doing the same with their own parents.

Meredith and her partner worked closely with Drew and her husband to plan and build the Granny-Pod.

They found support from architects and companies specializing in building small houses.

The result was a tiny but fully functional home with one bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.

It was a big adjustment for Meredith and her partner to transition from living in a larger house to the limited space of the Granny-Pod.

But they found that downsizing was one of the best decisions they had ever made.

The couple is happy to live near their family, especially as Drew is expecting her first child.

The trend of Granny-Pods has gained popularity in recent years as housing costs in cities rise.

It is possible that this will become the standard accommodation for retirees in the coming years.