A mother ran into trouble while cleaning the bathroom and made a disturbing discovery.


While lifting the bath mat in her shower, the busy mother from Queensland, Australia, named Karyina, came across a „nightmarish” sight.

Underneath the bath mat in her bathroom, she found long, thread-like, white-colored structures, which frightened her.

Karyina took a photo of the strange growth and uploaded it to the internet to find out what it could be.

Initially, she thought the long, thread-like things were worms hiding under the bath mat, but fortunately, they did not begin to move.

In reality, the problem was much simpler than it seemed.

Karyina reported that her bath mat had simply melted onto the tiled floor, leaving behind rubbery strands that suspiciously resembled lively, coiled worms.

After discovering that they were rubber pieces and not live worms, she asked for help online to clean up the mess and restore her bathroom to cleanliness.

She attempted to scrub off the rubber remnants, but they didn’t come off easily.

Fortunately, cleaning experts offered advice on how she could tackle the problem, including using „Goo Remover” such as Orange Power Sticky Spot or Goo Dissolver, which are effective against sticky residues.