A man accidentally stumbled upon a well in his living room, which turned out to be 500 years old. Here are the findings from the discovery.


When Colin moved into the house in 1995, he began removing layers of insulation to renew the floor, revealing the well beneath the living room floor.

Determined, the retiree began carefully cleaning the neglected well.

Instead of using the water, Colin chose to leave the well as a decorative feature indoors, as using the water would have violated hygiene regulations, and constructing an expensive treatment plant would have been unnecessary.

Fences were erected around the well to block access to it.

Now, anyone who asks politely can enter the living room and learn more about the relic from the 15th century.

Colin began investing time and resources into exploring the depth of the well.

Experts exploring the depths of the ancient water found a medieval sword in a magnificent leather sheath, as well as coins and jewelry, helping them determine the age of the well.

It turned out that the well was over 500 years old.