A fascinating story tells of a woman who chose to live off the grid in a small house in the forest to enjoy the things she loves.


Christine built her tiny house in the heart of the rainforest, designing it to her own taste, with special attention to detail, including a piano.

She affectionately refers to her small home as her „sanctuary.”

Thanks to its low maintenance requirements and minimal operating costs, she can now indulge in her passions such as music and travel.

Christine consciously chose this location because she loves the seclusion of the bush, which provides her with privacy and the opportunity for others in the area to build similar tiny houses, which she sees as a sign of mutual support.

After her children had grown up and she retired, Christine no longer wanted to pay rent or high mortgages.

She saw off-grid living as a way to achieve financial security and appreciated the flexibility to move her home when needed.

Christine’s tiny house, made of cedar and metal, exudes a welcoming atmosphere and offers a seamless indoor-outdoor experience thanks to its foldable doors and windows.

The detachable deck allows her to take her home with her when she moves, while providing additional storage space for her gardening tools and future solar installations.

Inside, a cozy living room with a piano welcomes Christine and her cat.

She enjoys the openness of the space, the music filling the air as she plays the piano, and the changing light throughout the day.

Her kitchen exudes elegance and luxury, thanks to large windows and a mirror that reflects light in the room, making it feel more spacious. A generous workspace and high-quality appliances make cooking a pleasure.

The bathroom offers ample storage space and a comfortable shower, while a bamboo composting toilet provides an environmentally friendly solution.

Two lofts provide space for sleeping, relaxing, and personal interests such as meditation and music.

In her off-grid life in the forest in the tiny house, Christine has found a source of joy and appreciates the independence and tranquility it provides her.