A farmer was walking through his field when he discovered a hole that he wanted to explore further. To his surprise, it turned out to be a cave from the Ice Age.


One day, Adam Bryczek, a Polish farmer, was taking a walk on his property.

Unaware of what awaited him, he fell into a hole that „transported him back in time” – to around 8000 BC.

As he fell into the hole, the farmer noticed that the tunnel extended in various directions, and it seemed unlikely that it was just the home of an animal.

The hole was quite spacious – about 10 meters high, 10 meters wide, and up to 140 meters long.

Adam quickly realized that he was in a cave.

After making the discovery, the farmer informed the County Conservation Authority of Krassnicki.

The historian who examined the cave speculated that it could date back to the Pleistocene era.

Further investigations confirmed that the karst cave had formed naturally and was more than 11,000 years old.

The walls of the cave showed signs of human activity, including traces of stone mining and toolmaking.

Despite the public announcement of the discovery, the authorities decided to keep the exact location of the cave secret to protect the unique monument.