A family decided to invest in an abandoned house on the outskirts of a remote village, although this endeavor may have seemed like a risky move to many.


Although the house appeared unremarkable, the masonry was well preserved.

The family had a clear plan in mind, and within three years, the old village cottage was transformed into the most beautiful house in the area.

The family was immediately enchanted by the village.

It nestled charmingly in the valley of the Oka River, surrounded by breathtaking nature and little traffic.

Property prices were affordable, and the house came with a 50-hectare plot of land, already gasified and electrified, which facilitated the setup of infrastructure.

From the outset, the homeowner decided to keep a video diary of the renovation process, documenting the progress of the work.

In his first video, he meticulously analyzed the condition of the house and outlined the plan for the future.

Although the renovation process took more than a year, soon the old house was hardly recognizable.

The original frame was only visible at the corners and window openings, and over time, the new outlines became clearly visible, underscoring the success of the work.

But that was just the beginning. Over time, additional details were added: alpine interior design, a carport, and landscaping.

The single-story building with four windows was transformed into a modern two-story house with extensions and a garage.

Of particular interest is a look inside the new building.

The owners have found creative solutions for interior decoration and selected furniture to fit the layout and size.

From the property, it was only 40 kilometers to the nearest major city.

The decision to purchase the old, abandoned house proved to be the right choice.