A Couple transforms a $1 eBay grain silo into a fascinating tiny home radiating the charm and elegance of an industrial castle.


British sculptor Bob Campbell dared to break out of his usual comfort zone and transform the exterior of a grain silo into a stunning tiny home that reflects the beauty and grandeur of an industrial castle.

His extraordinary creativity and innovative thinking are evident in this project.

For two decades, Bob has been creating artworks from recycled materials, mainly scrap brass.

His inspiration struck when he found the shell of a grain silo on eBay for a symbolic price of £1 ($1.27 US dollars).

Originally, he planned to turn it into an art project, but eventually, the idea evolved into an amazing tiny home project.

The grain silo Bob acquired was 16 feet high, so he had to downsize it to adapt it for residential purposes.

Together with his wife Caroline, they reassembled the silo and discovered its potential.

The couple’s tiny home is surrounded by trees and sits quaintly behind their extensive garden, which has always been their sanctuary.

Bob worked with great attention to detail, evident in small artistic elements throughout the house.

The interior of the house features a blend of metal and wood, creating an authentic atmosphere while conveying a sense of craftsmanship and coziness.

What’s impressive about this tiny home is not just the idea itself but also the fact that Bob made everything himself, including a fireplace made from a gas bottle.

He collected scrap pieces and transformed them into furniture and home accessories, polishing heavily rusted remnants to give them new shine.

A recurring theme in the Campbell’s tiny home is chains, creatively integrated into various elements of the house.

For example, the sofa armrest was made from chains, surprisingly comfortable.

Even the dining table was crafted from an old saw blade embedded with chains in concrete.

Since the silo itself is a cold metal structure, the couple opted for recycled plastic insulation and a vapor barrier to avoid condensation issues.

Despite some challenges with insulating the roof, the couple is pleased with the result.

The tiny home even has a back door leading to a small gray water treatment system that filters wastewater from the sink.

Although the kitchen is small, it’s equipped with all necessary appliances and utensils, with ample storage space for food and spices.

For washing dishes, they use a 130-year-old bowl, a gift from their neighbor.

The tiny home’s bathroom is functional, featuring a round shower, compost toilet, and practical shelves.

Above it is a beautiful sleeping loft, also built by Bob himself.

Caroline enjoys the cozy atmosphere and the feeling of being surrounded by wood when she wakes up in the morning.

The entire tiny home cost the couple only about £4,000, including the land, building materials, and some landscaping.

Thanks to Bob’s creativity and craftsmanship, the couple didn’t have to spend much money to build this dream home.

Originally, they didn’t think the place would be suitable for a long-term stay, but now they have been happily living in their tiny home for over five years.

For Bob, a successful artist, it’s a special joy to live in his own artwork and admire the results of his work every day.