A couple in Alaska has ingeniously transformed decommissioned airplanes into extraordinary living spaces, creating a unique accommodation option.


JN and Stephanie decided to combine a flight school with an incomparable lodging experience by converting retired airplanes into a stunning 60-square-meter tiny home.

Their airplane home is filled with unique features, including a wing terrace, an original cockpit with a flight simulator, and a functioning cargo door for bulky luggage.

Originally, they planned runways, hangars, and cabins for students, but changed their plans during the construction process to repurpose a dry building like an airplane and save costs.

The renovation of the two airplane fuselages, a Boeing 727 and a DC9, cost the couple over half a million dollars in total, including transportation costs and other expenses.

To anchor the airplanes, they drove massive piles deep into the ground and welded and bolted the airplanes to them to withstand earthquakes and strong winds.

The airplane home offers an interior space of about 700 square feet, including a wardrobe, a utility room, and a living area with the original cockpit and flight simulator.

JN and Stephanie documented the entire renovation on social media, attracting a large online following that followed the progress of the project.

The unconventional support system of the house ensures stability and safety, providing a comfortable and unique stay for guests seeking an unforgettable experience.

Although the cost of the airplane home was substantial, they offer a unique life experience and an unparalleled stay for adventure seekers.