A couple has developed an unusual plan for their retirement and decided to build a tiny house on wheels after selling their family home.


The tiny house they have built measures approximately 2.5 meters in width and 7.2 meters in length, a drastic downsizing compared to their former large agricultural house.

Despite the size difference, they claim it was easy to adjust to life in the tiny house as they enjoyed traveling and living out of suitcases before, so they didn’t have to bring many possessions with them.

The tiny house exudes warmth and rural charm, and the layout is simple, following a traditional design for such homes.

Adrienne had a lot of fun decorating the place, although she admits it still doesn’t quite match her daughter’s taste, who enjoys taking her on more shopping trips.

Bravely, they decided to use a ladder for access to the sleeping loft to create additional space inside the house, although they admit they would have preferred to install stairs in hindsight.

The living room provides a cozy atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, especially of an abandoned barn on the neighboring farm, framed like an ever-changing painting through the large living room window.

The kitchen is simple and practical, with ample workspace and a full oven with grill, as well as a refrigerator powered by the house’s solar power system (not yet installed).

The sleeping loft upstairs is cozy and fits the rural style of the house, although the mattress currently sits on a traditional frame and will likely be replaced with a futon in the future to provide more headroom.

The house is located on a farm they bought five years ago, with half of the property (along with their old house) sold to their son, while the other half remained for their tiny house, allowing them to release capital while staying close to their family.

For some people, the perfect retirement means enjoying all material achievements, while for others like Dave and Adrienne, the focus is on simplifying life and making space for the things that truly matter, such as family, leisure, travel, and experiences.