A couple from Cowlitz County, Jaimie and Dave, decided to build an amazing house out of shipping containers to live a mortgage-free life.


Dave, an experienced metalworker, was not a fan of mortgages and therefore decided to get creative with his wife Jaimie.

They thought it shouldn’t be hard to put a few containers together, similar to Legos.

All aspects of the container home, from the plumbing to the electrical wiring, welding, and house substructure, were built by them.

Despite the unconventional design, their house received all necessary permits and full support from the county.

The couple was inspired to break free from the rut many people are stuck in and decided to build their house out of shipping containers.

However, the journey to their mortgage-free home was not cheap.

They worked on the project for ten months, Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays and weekends.

Before entering the house, you are greeted by a large and beautiful garden that surrounds the entire property.

The living room exudes a modern atmosphere, and the kitchen is surprisingly spacious and equipped with high-quality appliances.

The bathroom is separated by a door and has all the amenities of a traditional bathroom.

Upstairs is the couple’s bedroom, which offers a splendid view of the forest.

Although their house is so beautiful, the couple spends most of their time outside and plans to implement more projects on their property.

The couple had to overcome significant challenges during construction, including a spontaneous brain hemorrhage suffered by Dave.

Yet, together they have shown they can tackle even difficult things.

A full tour of their house can be seen in the following video.