A couple acquires a dilapidated boat and through their impressive craftsmanship, they transform it into a fascinating tiny boathouse.


The process of restoration and renovation is magical as it turns old, worn-out, and forgotten objects into breathtaking masterpieces, showcasing the power of vision and craftsmanship.

Working on such a project, such as transforming an old, derelict boat into a beautiful small boathouse, means breathing new life into an object and reviving its history.

Jason’s journey in Victoria, Canada, began with a desire to learn wooden boat building.

However, he eventually found himself living by the water for the past six years, which deeply touched him.

After meeting Cayley, they discovered a shared passion for alternative living arrangements and tiny houses, making them a perfect team to embark on a project for a tiny boathouse together.

The talented couple, consisting of a shipbuilder and a carpenter, started an impressive restoration and renovation project of a boat originally built for the Expo ’86 in Victoria, Canada.

Although the boat was in a severely neglected condition, they recognized its hidden potential and acquired it for less than $6,000.

Jason and Cayley dedicated a year and a half of their time to turn it into a stunning piece of artwork, and their expertise and skills allowed them to create something extraordinary out of what seemed hopeless.

They restored the hull, completely redesigned the interior, and maximized storage space to create functional living areas.

The resulting boat, which they named “Pax,” became their tiny home on the water.

The galley was equipped with prefabricated cabinets, a propane stove, and a cleverly designed refrigerator with a freezer compartment.

For the toilet, they opted for a composting toilet to ensure convenience and simplicity.

Despite the challenges, the main living area featured a meticulously crafted “curved” bench, and storage compartments were cleverly placed to optimize every inch of space.

Ascending the stairs, the visitor was greeted by Jason and Cayley’s minimalist yet impressive bedroom.

The clever design of the space included cabinets on both sides of the mattress, providing ample storage while maintaining an elegant exterior.

The highlight of the bedroom was undoubtedly the incredible view of the sea and other boats through the window.

The upper deck offered a cozy retreat with beautiful views, and the water tanks served as ballast, ensuring the stability of the boat.

Equipped with electrical systems, they ensured comfort and functionality, and every detail was optimized to create a cozy and efficient living environment.

Jason emphasized that they were incredibly fortunate to find a berth for their boathouse as its unique shape and size allowed them to find spots unsuitable for larger boats.

They made sure that every detail of their boathouse met the stringent standards of the American Boat and Yacht Council, allowing them to register and insure their boathouse as a proper boat.

Through skillful maneuvering, they could switch between a fully functional boat and a cozy floating home.

Jason emphasized the challenges of minimalist living aboard and the satisfaction that comes from owning only the things one truly needs.

The boathouse Pax is a truly inspiring example of the power of craftsmanship and the ability to create something new and beautiful out of something old.