The 14-year-old girl spends 200 dollars to buy an old caravan, but wait until you see what she did with it.


The 14-year-old resident of Williamstown, West Virginia, spent her summer vacation turning a 1974 Wilderness caravan into a so-called „glamper.”

The terms „camping” and „glamour” are combined to form the word „glamper.”

She claims that this upgraded Wilderness Caravan will make camping much more enjoyable and less restrictive.

Wait until you see her beautifully renovated Wilderness caravan to understand what an ambitious high school girl she is.

According to the child’s mother, Lori, she saved around $500 through chores, birthday money, and other activities to buy and renovate the caravan.

Here is a photo of the caravan as it was before all modifications.

Ellie claimed to have seen her caravan for sale for $200 on a community bulletin board.

With the money left after buying the caravan, she paid for paint, flooring, textiles, and other accessories for her „glamper.”

Ellie claims that the caravan was in very poor condition as the previous owners used it for both camping and hunting.

It took a lot of work, a lot of effort, her mother said.

Her older brother Isaiah was the one who had the original idea to build a small caravan.

She claims Isaiah built a small hut for him and his friends to hang out in, and she wanted something similar for her girlfriend, only „cuter” and closer to the house because she needed electricity and Wi-Fi.

The caravan had to be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned before the project could begin.

Then she used Valspar’s „Mystic Sea” shade to paint the caravan.

In the above picture, Ellie cleans excess glue left on the floor after disassembly.

The picture of her grandfather Lawrence, teaching him some basic carpentry skills like reinforcement and hole repair, is also shown above.

Ellie then chose the color scheme she preferred for the next step, a kind of teal.

Ellie meticulously paints the interior, transforming the dull wood concept into something brighter.

The interior of the caravan is progressing and taking shape in the picture below.

The finishing touches were added in the final steps.

While Ellie laid new floor tiles, Mary, Ellie’s grandmother, helped her design the upholstery for the seat cushions and curtains.

Ellie claimed to have collected many items over the summer to prepare her „glamper.”

You can see her bringing in a shop window mannequin decoration she bought at a recently closed warehouse in the picture below.

She said she got a lot of inspiration for her project from Pinterest, which really helped her.

Ellie continues to add her decorations to the almost finished „glamper,” including a vintage camera, a retro electric fan, and matching towels handmade by her grandmother.

When asked what she planned to do after completing the project, she replied that she could host a sleepover with her friends or simply spend a quiet time reading and playing ukulele.

Ellie has created a stunning „glamper” through her determination. It’s amazing for someone her age to take on such an ambitious project.

Ellie’s mother responds, „I never told her she couldn’t do something,” when asked why her daughter would take on such a challenge.

And with that kind of encouragement, Ellie set out to create something beautiful.

When we consider Ellie’s venture as a finished product, we should never forget that effort always pays off.

When we commit ourselves, we can achieve anything.

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