Over ten years ago, a tragic story unfolded in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, one that should never be forgotten.


A neighbor had been hearing a baby crying in a nearby house over an extended period but initially paid it no mind.

However, the situation became more concerning as the crying grew uncontrollable, with no signs of activity in the house.

Police entered the house to find it empty, except for a baby left alone on the cold, dirty floor.

After further investigation, authorities identified the child as Liza Verbitskaya, but her parents were nowhere to be found.

The little girl was taken to the hospital, where she spent several days ensuring she was properly cared for after this traumatic experience.

Inna Nika, a woman caring for her sick son there, developed a strong bond with Liza and began visiting her regularly, bringing her clothing, food, and toys.

When Liza was finally strong enough to leave the hospital, she was taken to an orphanage.

However, Inna couldn’t bear the thought of not adopting the little girl and immediately began the adoption process.

At almost two years old, Liza was finally allowed to live with Inna and her family.

Though she initially struggled with the aftermath of trauma and had difficulty adjusting, Liza thrived thanks to the love and care of her adoptive mother.

Inna’s determination to give Liza a happy life paid off as Liza began participating in beauty pageants and launching her modeling career.

Despite her challenging start in life, she became a Russian superstar, inspiring others with her remarkable story.

This story is a testament to how love, care, and determination can change a life.

Let’s share this inspiring tale and all remember to do good wherever we can.