He received a call from his parents, who told him that they would send him a package.


The food and snacks sent by his parents, whether by bus, minibus, or train, brought him great joy.

But as the student painfully discovered in the accompanying story, parents can sometimes play jokes.

He had just arrived in his first year of study in Bucharest and had settled into the student dormitory.

After receiving a call from his parents promising to send him a package, the young man went to the train station, grabbed a large box, and returned to his dorm room.

However, when he opened the package, he was surprised.

It contained no food, only trash and packaging material.

At first, the boy was confused by the situation, but later he found a note that explained everything.

The note said: „You forgot to clean up your room before you left.

Please dispose of the trash.”

After learning his lesson and understanding the joke, the young man shared the whole story on his Facebook page.

The post received thousands of likes and comments and immediately went viral.