A terrified man finds a snake in a bag of broccoli he got from Aldi!


A disturbing incident unfolded when Neville Linton, aged 63, went about his usual grocery shopping routine.

To his dismay, he stumbled upon an unsettling surprise nestled within a bunch of broccoli he had purchased from an Aldi store in West Midlands, England.

Days later, while preparing a meal, he opened the bag only to find a snake coiled amidst the vegetables, a nightmare scenario for anyone with a fear of serpents.

Linton, who harbored a profound dread of snakes, found himself in a terrifying predicament.

Upon making the alarming discovery, Linton’s family members swiftly intervened, rescuing him from the distressing situation.

Expressing his apprehension, Linton remarked, “It was pretty frightening. I’m not good around snakes.”

He further emphasized the potential danger the snake posed to his vulnerable household members, including his son with mobility issues and his elderly mother-in-law.

Summoning his sister, Ann-Marie Tenkanemin, aged 57, Linton sought assistance in dealing with the unexpected intruder.

Together, they managed to capture the reptile in a plastic container before returning it to Aldi.

Reflecting on the incident, Linton admitted to initially doubting Tenkanemin’s identification of the snake, only to retreat in fear upon witnessing its movement.

The gravity of the situation was evident, with even the Aldi staff member exhibiting signs of alarm.

While Linton received some compensation for the ordeal, he believed that the severity of the situation warranted greater acknowledgment, especially considering the potential harm the snake could have caused to his family members and the emotional toll it took on him.

Aldi, through its representative, expressed regret over the incident, asserting that such occurrences were not reflective of their usual high standards.

Despite assurances of robust processes in place to prevent such mishaps, they acknowledged the need for a thorough review following this isolated event.

An identification of the reptile by a specialist from Dudley Zoo, as relayed by Linton’s son Donovan, aged 41, categorized it as a baby ladder snake.

While intimidating in appearance and capable of delivering a painful bite, ladder snakes are non-venomous.

Found across various European countries, they typically inhabit temperate environments such as hedges, woodlands, and vineyards, displaying solitary and defensive behaviors.

Contrary to initial beliefs, herpetologist Dr. Steven J. R. Allain proposed the snake’s classification as a viperine water snake, a harmless species known for its fish-eating habits.

Allain speculated on the snake’s journey, suggesting its inadvertent presence in the broccoli likely originated from agricultural fields in Mediterranean regions, where such species are common.

The reptile, identified as a viperine water snake, has since been relocated to Dudley Zoo, marking the end of its unexpected adventure in a bag of broccoli.