The young couple did not have enough money to rent an apartment, so they decided to renovate the old house.


A young couple faced financial challenges and couldn’t afford a conventional home.

Nevertheless, they decided to improve living conditions for their child.

They acquired an old, abandoned house and began the restoration themselves.

With a limited budget, the renovation progressed slowly.

Expanding the house by adding a second floor and a cozy summer terrace, they enhanced its appeal.

Despite financial constraints, they persevered and successfully transformed the once deserted building.

Inside, they opted for a comfortable and unique interior, restoring existing furniture and decorations.

A notable detail was an antique stove, which they lovingly refurbished, adding rustic charm to the home.

The couple’s hard work turned the old structure into a comfortable and beautiful dwelling.

Today, they live happily there with their two children and have even started a small farm for fresh natural products.

Despite financial difficulties, their determination turned their dream into reality.

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