Motorcyclists discover an abandoned cage in the middle of a field. The discovery inside changes their lives forever


On a cold January day in 2015, Bret Winingar and his son Zach set out on a motorcycle ride through the Arkansas countryside.

As they rode along the road, they unexpectedly noticed an animal cage at the side of the road, hidden behind bushes.

They stopped their bikes and examined the cage more closely out of curiosity.

Bret and Zach saw that the top of the cage was completely chewed through. It seemed like whatever was inside was desperately trying to get out.

When they opened the crate, a large black dog stumbled out, skin and bones.

The dog had been trapped there for a long time and had injuries all over its body.

They had to leave the dog behind as they rode their bikes and quickly went to get Zach’s truck and food.

They hoped the dog would still be there when they returned.

Bret was sure it was too late, but then he heard a faint growl and decided to take the dog with them.

They named the grateful dog “Charlie Bravo” after the Honda CB motorcycles they were riding that day.

The family took Charlie to the vet and fell in love with him as they discovered his wonderful personality.

Charlie was nursed back to health and captured the hearts of the Winingar family.

The family received donations to pay for Charlie’s hospital bills and donated the excess money to shelters in the area.

Charlie will never be left alone or forgotten again.

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